We elect our officers at the Annual General Meeting which takes place in January each year.

The current officers are:

Chair:                             Ian Pattison

Vice-Chair:                   Jeanne Brown

Treasurer:                     Katie Atkinson

Secretary:                     Helen Robinson

Bookings Secretary:   Chrissy Wilson


Where do our Trustees come from?

Residents of Helmsley can nominate themselves to be elected and form part of the Board of Trustees. Current elected Trustees are Ian Pattison, Helen Robinson, Chrissy Wilson, Katie Hunton & Katie Atkinson.

In addition, the following local organisations have representatives on the Board of Trustees:

Helmsley Community Library (Represented by Jeanne Brown), Helmsley Town Council (Represented by Chris Parkin),  Helmsley Church of England (Represented by Tim Robinson), Helmsley Roman Catholic Church (Represented by Brian Olive) Helmsley Methodist Church (Represented by Chrissy Gowland), Helmsley Women’s Institute (Represented by Denise Kitchin) and Helmsley Arts Centre (Represented by Neil Butcher).

Additional members can be elected at the Annual General Meeting, and the Board may also seek to co-opt a person who has skills that are particularly needed.

You can find out more about how Helmsley Town Hall charity works on our Scheme Documents page.